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Legal Tech in Ireland – Sabina Horgan Speaks to ‘Reinventing Professionals’

On 23rd November, VP of Market Development Sabina Horgan spoke to Ari Kaplan from 'Reinventing Professionals' about legal technology in Ireland, and leveraging practice management software to gain a competitive advantage. Read More

Legal Technology

The Lawyer’s Practical Guide to: Artificial Intelligence

As a lawyer, you probably hear a lot about new technologies, but don’t have time to sit and read through pages of technical information to understand if or when they’ll be relevant to your practice.

In this series, we will cover some of the major technical innovations within the legal industry from a lawyer’s perspective. In this article, we cover Artificial Intelligence and some of its uses for lawyers. Read More

Legal Technology

The Lawyer’s Practical Guide to: Smart Contracts

As a lawyer, you probably hear a lot about new technologies, but don’t have time to sit and read through pages of technical information to understand if or when they’ll be relevant to your practice. Read More

Legal Technology

‘Life Hacks’ for Lawyers – 5 Steps to Improving Your Day

'Life hacks' are everywhere - helping people become more productive and efficient, whatever their walk of life. We've put together a few 'life hacks' for lawyers, helping to make each day better than the last. Read More

Practice Management

Should I Be Thinking About Office 365?

For most lawyers, Microsoft's Word, Outlook and other products are familiar parts of their everyday life. Should they follow the growing cloud software movement, and consider adopting Office 365?

This article examines some of the reasons why partner-level firm members should be giving Office 365 a closer look. Read More


Effective Collaboration for Law Firms

‘Collaboration’ has become a productivity buzzword – desired by all, but often ill-defined. Everybody wants more effective teams, and there are dozens of ‘collaboration tools’ on the market, including Office 365, G Suite, Slack and many, many more. However, without making the effort to define what it means for you, and how you plan to achieve it, you are unlikely to achieve more than lip service to collaboration. Read More

Practice Management

Practical Tips to Increase Efficiency (and Bill Better) Using Case Management

Billing profitably is critical for every law firm - but in the busyness of day-to-day cases, not all firms are optimising their billing capabilities. This article offers tips for increasing law firm effectiveness, and optimising the time available for billable activities.

All suggestions are practical steps that could be implemented relatively quickly, and have tangible effects on law firm productivity. Read More

Practice Management

8 Steps to Making Your Law Firm More Profitable – Using Time Management

One of the key advantages of using a case management system is that you can easily collect a large volume of data that would have been logistically difficult, or even impossible, to collect before.

However, this data only becomes truly valuable when you use it to improve how your business operates. This article contains a methodology for using time management to increase business profitability. The underlying methodology can also be adapted to focus on other areas of your business that you want to improve. Read More

Practice Management

Never Miss Another Deadline

Deadlines matter to lawyers.

However, within the busyness of a daily practice it can be easy for these deadlines to become lost, resulting in rushed work or even missed deadline. When this is a court or a statute deadline, the consequences can be significant.

So how can lawyers ensure that they keep on top of multiple deadlines for multiple projects? Read this article to find out how! Read More

Practice Management

6 Reasons to Start Investigating Case Management Systems Today

Has investigating case management systems been on your to-do list for a while, but never made it to the top?

This article explains why implementing a case management system should be high on your priority list, and some of the many benefits you can gain from embracing technology. Read More

Legal Technology

Highlights From Our Launch in Singapore

We launched Thread Legal in Singapore in April 2018 - here are a few highlights from our fantastic trip! Read More

Legal Technology

Lessons from Singapore – Embrace New Technology in an Ethical Way

We had the privilege of joining the Microsoft stand at TechLaw.Fest on 4th, 5th and 6th April.

One of the highlights of our trip was hearing Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft give a speech on AI, and meeting him after his speech.

This article discusses some of the key points of Brad's talk, and his views on the future of artificial intelligence. Read More

Legal Technology

Whitepaper – Keeping Law Firms Safe from Cybercriminals

Cyber-attacks on law firms increased by over 60% in two years - SME law firms can no longer rely on their size to keep them out of the attention of cybercriminals. So what do law firm partners need to do to keep their organisations safe? Read our whitepaper to find out more. Read More

Legal Technology

Hassle Free Expenses

Dread organizing and submitting your expenses at the end of the month? See how Thread's logging capabilities make it possible to save one or many receipts, hassle free, at a convenient time for you. Read More

Legal Technology

A Template for Productivity

Do you always feel like you don't have enough time to get through the work on your desk? Always busy? Here is how using templates can make you more efficient, and give you extra time in your busy day. Read More

Practice Management

The Future is in the Cloud

When you think about it, Cloud computing is the future of the internet and business and it’s a wonderful development that is changing our world forever. However, many law firms are still confused and nervous about the Cloud and specifically running their practice software in the Cloud. Read More

Legal Technology

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