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In-house legal teams have to manage an ever-increasingly complex regulatory compliance field, and manage multiple stakeholders both inside and outside of the business – whilst keeping to budget and providing value for investment.

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  • Secure

  • Corporates and public bodies are pro-actively targeted by hackers due to the volume of sensitive personal data that they hold. IT Departments need to know that any software employed within the organisation is secure and will keep company data safe. Thread Legal is built with Microsoft, and data is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres.

    Microsoft has the most security certifications of any cloud provider, and are trusted by governments and multinational companies across the globe. Their SLAs promise at least 99.9% uptime, so you can be sure that you won’t lose access to your data due to upgrades or other maintenance.

    Microsoft allow you to dictate where you would like your data to be held, so that you can easily comply with GDPR requirements.

    With Thread Legal, your data remains your property both during and after your contract, and your IT department is responsible for its management. This means that your IT department always remains in control, and you can be sure that your data is as safe as your IT team can make it.

  • Using Software You Already Know

  • Thread Legal is built on Office 365 technology. You log in via your Office 365 account, create your documents in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and then store them in your company Sharepoint.

    This means that you can use the same technology base as the rest of your organisation, and transfer documents and other data seamlessly between departments. Your IT team can focus on managing the systems it already has.

  • Measuring Value

  • In-house counsel need to ensure that they are getting the maximum value from budgets allocated. With Thread Legal, you can track the time and expenses involved for both in-house and outside counsel, and ensure that your strategy is providing the best value for money.

    Real-time tracking means that if something is inefficient or not working, you can change it mid-project rather than only finding out that you could have saved resources once the project has been completed.

  • Managing Complex Workloads

  • In-house counsel need to liaise with a lot of stakeholders – internal project team members and managers, colleagues within other departments, outside counsel, opposing counsels and even directly with companies or individuals with queries or grievances. In addition, in-house counsel doesn’t just have one project but many projects to work on simultaneously.

    Thread Legal clearly categories various stakeholders and records all communication with them – so project managers can easily see the project’s current status and history, and all team members have a clear idea of what they need to do to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

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