Core Features


Your fully customizable legal dashboard is the heart of Thread. It brings your files to you. You can pin favorite files or access your most recent items, calendar, emails and scanned documents. You choose what information is most important to you. Power BI graphs let you see how you’re working and what files are taking the most of your time and resources. With this in-depth data you can adjust your working practices and become a more efficient lawyer.

Pinpoint Search

No more wasting time searching for needles in haystacks with Pinpoint Search. Built so you can find what you need, when you need it, Thread’s advanced search function lets you search for a word in any document, spreadsheet, email, calendar, or contact. Three keystrokes is all it takes.


Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Give them the best customer experience possible with Thread’s smart, clean contacts manager. Thread allows you to gather details of your client relationship, their connections to other contacts, and every activity you have with them. This innovative intuitive system lets you and your team increase case knowledge, collaboration, and productivity.

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All Thread appointments created will automatically be live within your Outlook calendar allowing you stay on top of all dates and deadlines. Client and team meetings created from within the client file sync to the user’s diaries so they never miss a beat. File alerts and notifications will simultaneously appear in your Outlook calendar and also on your Thread dashboard. Organizing your busy week has never been easier. See how it works.


You can’t get better than Microsoft security, another reason we’ve partnered with them. The American Bar Association recommends a Microsoft Office 365 E3 plan as a minimum for law firms due to the end-to-end data encryption, data protection, and recovery it provides. Microsoft has analyzed the security and compliance issues businesses face so you don’t have to. The Microsoft Office 365 E3 plan provides the backbone for a law firm’s productivity and security.

Auto Scanning

Thread reads your scanned items, and searches for key text or data within to link these documents to your case files. Once the text is recognized Thread will suggest the relevant file for the document. All you have to do is confirm this is where it belongs and Thread will direct it there for you.

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When every second is billable you need to make sure they’re all accounted for. Thread’s legal timekeeper is available on every page. It auto starts when you enter a file and records your time and type of activity there, so you can clearly see what you worked on and when. Out of office client meetings and court appearances can also be recorded from your mobile device. Entries can be edited by time and narration and copied to multiple related files. This time can then be assigned to a bill ensuring you never miss a billable second.


Create emails from within your case files in Thread, drafts stay linked for you to return to and complete. Emails sent from within a case file will stay on the file. If the correspondence gets too long you can select just the relevant emails to keep on the activity of the file. Thread even lets you import emails from your Outlook Inbox. As new emails come in you will be notified, as you would in Outlook, and you’ll always see the inbox counter telling you how many new or unread emails you have.


Thread’s help widget is there to help you get comfortable using the software so you can hit the ground running. In the Thread Academy you’ll find an extensive database where you can explore all the features, read the step-by-step workflows, watch our instructional videos, or follow the on-screen prompts. Whatever way you like to learn, we’ve got you covered.

Get your free 21 day trial of Thread Legal Case Management Software

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Spend your time practicing law not creating invoices. With Thread’s law firm billing all of your time entries and expenses can instantly be assigned to a case to ensure accurate invoicing. Bills can be created, approved, and sent via email in minutes not hours. Thread’s billing reports will keep you up to date on how your firm is performing, what bills have been sent, and what bills need to be issued.

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