Collaboration, Effective Working and Legal Technology

In simple terms, collaboration involves people working together to achieve a shared goal. It is rare for a lawyer to complete a case from start to finish without input from other lawyers and legal staff such as secretaries and paralegals. Equally, law firms can often become siloed – with poor communication between different departments leading to missed opportunities and unhappy clients.

Given the importance of working together at law firms, it is understandable that partners can be eager to sign up to new technology claiming to improve collaboration.

However, unless you make meaningful changes to your processes as well as your technology, people will go back to their old communication habits. The same old frustrations and inefficiencies quickly resurface. So how can law firms ensure that their investment in case management, document management or other technology results in improved collaboration throughout their firm?

  1. Understand how your organisation currently operates
  2. Give specific guidance on how you would like your organisation to communicate once the
    technology is implemented
  3. Proactively enforce the rules that you have set up
  4. Be fanatics about ensuring that your system is kept up to date

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