Highlights From Our Launch in Singapore

Highlights From Our Launch in Singapore


In April, we launched our product in Singapore, at the Irish Embassy, and were very fortunate to have the ambassador himself, Ambassador Keating, present at the event.

As you can see from the photos, we had a fantastic time with a great audience of legal professionals, industry bodies and other interested professionals.

Thread Legal SingaporeWhy did we choose Singapore? At Thread Legal, we aim to take our legal customers on a digital transformation – our software gives lawyers the power to efficiently and securely manage their cases, track their activity and delight clients. The Singaporean legal industry is also strongly focussed on this digital transformation journey at the moment, so we see a great synergy between the Law Society of Singapore’s ambitions, and our product’s abilities to help companies achieve their digital goals.

We would like to thank Ambassador Keating and his team, and the team at Enterprise Ireland, helping us to have such a fantastic start to our Singapore journey. We are looking forward to helping Singaporean companies with their digital transformations using Thread Legal, so keep on watching this space!

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